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Market Economy, Ethics and the Meaning of Life

  • Visiting students: an honours degree (normally 2.1 or above) or equivalent in an appropriate subject
  • Auditing students: no formal qualifications required

Monday 8 to Wednesday 10 May 2017, 9.30-17.00

This is a three-day intensive, interactive, interdisciplinary module designed to explore the themes of ‘economy and the common good’, ‘goods, values, and the discourse of business ethics’ and ‘marketing and ethics’ and ‘moral imagination and character of the business professional’.  Questions considered during the course include : Can it be meaningful to speak of the common good in relation to markets? Which goods are not for sale? What are the main strengths of, and challenges presented by, market economies at present in social and economic terms? What is the discourse of business ethics? Various case studies are introduced throughout the course in order to address these questions and discuss the possibilities of responsible business practice.


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Teaching & Assessment

This module is taught over 3 consecutive days as a stand-alone unit, with or without assesment, and as an optional module for the MA Contemporary Ethics programme.

Those who wish to receive 30 MA credits and who are not Heythrop College students may register as visiting students. Visiting students need to meet the MA entry criteria and will be required to successfully complete the full requirements of the module.

Those who wish to participate without gaining academic credits may register as auditing students. Auditing students will be issued with a certificate of attendace and will not be required to meet the standard entry criteria for the MA programme.