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Where you live (and who you live with) is a huge part of the university experience and you should give some thought to what will suit you best. There are on and off-site options and this guide will help you with your decision.

Alban Hall - Heythrop's on-site accommodation

The Alban Hall is on-site and just for Heythrop students. It has 94 single study bedrooms and 15 single study bedrooms with en suite toilet. The Hall is divided into flats with bedrooms, shared bathroom facilities, a communal living area and kitchen in each. Internet access and a food catering package are included.


  • Larger rooms than most residence halls
  • Money and time saved on travel and close proximity to Heythrop's facilities
  • A Kensington postcode with a High Street, two parks and Hyde Park within a 15 minute walk


In addition to staying in campus accommodation, some second and third year students rent shared, private-sector accommodation. For some students flat hunting is a daunting idea at first, so many use the University of London Housing Service. This free resource offers housing guides and advice to all students, with the help of a qualified legal team. The Heythrop Accommodation and Campus Services Office and the Heythrop Students’ Union (HSU) can also help with housing queries.

Car parking on campus is very restricted and students are not eligible to park. Cars can be expensive and impractical when living in the middle of the city and students are advised to consider the necessity of bringing a car to London.


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