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Student Experience Commitment

The College is committed to helping to maintain a positive experience for all students during the current climate of uncertainty over its future. A significant budget of £100,000 has been secured to offer a wide range of opportunities to students continuing their studies in 2016-17.

The activities outlined below have been selected by a committee of students and staff and are offered in addition to the existing opportunities provided by the College’s Enrichment Programme.

The committee will be working on a set of proposals for 2016/17 for which significant additional funding will be available.

Find out more about the wide range of activites and opportunities on offer by exploring the links below.

Calender of Student Experience Commitment Activities

Academic enrichment:

  • Audit an extra module
  • Academic conference grants
  • Postgraduate application fee grants
  • Postgraduate bursary scheme

Arts and cultural opportunities: 

  • Susidised tickets to events
  • Taster courses


  • Internships
  • Overseas volunteering grants
  • English/Maths/IT coaching
  • TEFL course


  • French, German & Spanish
  • British Sign Language

Health and wellbeing:

  • Extra counselling
  • Mental health workshops (Michaelmas term)
  • Mindfulness course (Michaelmas term)
  • Financial Awareness Workshops (Lent term)
  • Arts & Health Workshops (Lent term)

HSU and the student community:

  • Alban Hall discount
  • HSU staffing
  • Extra sports provision

View the Student Experience booklet

For queries or to suggest additional activities please email