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The Enrichment Programme

In addition to your academic studies, there are a range of opportunities available at Heythrop through the Enrichment Programme to help you acquire new skills, pursue your interests, develop your confidence and boost your employability.

Learn or Improve a Language

Heythrop provides free language classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Why not take up French or improve your Spanish or German? More

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

An intensive course introducing you to TEFL teaching method and content will take place after the exam period in the summer term. This is good preparation for those considering taking an accredited TEFL course or working with summer language schools.

Philosophy for Children (P4C)

You can gain accreditation with SAPERE, an internationally recognised education charity for the promotion of philosophical enquiry, by attending a Philosophy for Children, Colleges and Communities course. Start a P4C group in a primary or secondary school and watch young people flourish in their thinking.

Three Faiths Forum

You can train to be part of an interfaith team which goes into schools, youth clubs and the wider community to build understanding and lasting relationships between people of different faiths and beliefs.

London’s Religions

During the Michaelmas and Lent terms we offer visits to places of worship in and around the city, allowing you to gain a better understanding of different faith communities in London.

Independent Study Modules

Our second year modules Theology in Action and Philosophy in Action enable you, through approved work placements, to relate real world issues in education, charity work, government policy and business practice to topics in Philosophy and Theology.

Heythrop Plus

This joint initiative between the HSU and the Careers service hosts debates and topical lectures, provides internships, careers advice and volunteering opportunities and runs cultural trips to the theatre, museums and galleries – helping you make the most of what London has to offer.

Heythrop Students’ Union

The HSU is your opportunity to get involved with a whole range of extra-curricular societies and activities. This ranges from the intellectual stimulation of the Philosophy society, to the revelry of Heythrop’s Real Ale Society, the energetic netball society, all wraped up in the covers of the Book Club – as reported by The Lion newspaper. So whatever interests you have outside your lectures there is a society for you. The HSU also represents you and informs College policy to ensure you get the best experience possible. So if you want to shape your degree, there are plenty of opportunities to be active in the Union and make your voice heard as a programme rep, an officer of the union or a student ambassador.


Not only is volunteering a great way to get involved in your community, learn about yourself and meet new friends, it’s also a fantastic way to make yourself more attractive to future employers. Volunteering builds confidence and ‘soft skills’ – non-teachable attributes which play a highly important role in the workplace.