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Our Chaplaincy Team is lead by Fr Paul Fletcher SJ, along with Mrs Joan Conway and Sr Elizabeth Ryan FCJ.

Our Jesuit heritage produces a unique religious ethos, which is nurtured by all members of staff including the Chaplains. Our chaplaincy's religious and spiritual purpose is to fulfill a pastoral, spiritual, prophetic and educational mission:

  • Offering, supporting and enhancing pastoral care;
  • Providing support to various denominational communities, the wider Church community and those of no specific faith affiliation;
  • Witnessing to the Kingdom values of trust, hope, love, justice, forgiveness and community;
  • Develop human potential while reflecting on spiritual, moral, social and political dimensions.

The chaplains also help to maintain the Christian ethos based on Heythrop’s mission statement and vision by:

  • Building positive relationships with staff and students
  • Welcoming and being available to all
  • Working closely with the liturgy group, provide resources and encourage participation and contribution
  • Animating the liturgical life of Heythrop, enabling others to express and celebrate Christian living
  • Arranging retreats, times of prayer and similar activities requested by students and staff
  • Supporting students of other traditions by ensuring, for example, that prayer space is available as requested

Our service dates and times


The Chaplaincy Team

Heythrop is blessed to have a full-time and two part-time chaplains. Fr Paul Fletcher SJ is our full-time chaplain. A congenitally deaf Jesuit priest, he is usually found near his ground-floor office (W1) in Copleston Wing. Sr Elizabeth Ryan FCJ and Mrs Joan Conway are our part-time chaplains. Both share an office (A22B) in Heythrop's main building, group floor opposite the lift.

To contact Fr Fletcher, email or SMS text only 07867 357715. To contact Sr Ryan or Mrs Conway, email or call 020 7795 4138.

Maria Assumpta Chapel

We use the Maria Assumpta Chapel for most of our services on campus. The chapel is adjacent to the main college building and is run by the Sisters of the Assumption who live on the site and who are an important part of our community life at Heythrop.


Muslim Prayer Room

Heythrop College provides a room dedicated for private personal prayer by Muslim students and staff within the college premises. Located in a basement annex beyond the Student Union Executive offices it is accessible, discreet and private for individual worship, having a screen which serves as a room divider separating female/male worshippers.