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A chance to extend your foreign language skills in French/German/Spanish at beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Learn in small groups, without the pressure of exams.

French - French: information and booking form

Monday12.30 - 1.30Beginner/Intermediate FrenchA22A
Tuesday12.30 - 1.30Intermediate/ Advanced FrenchRahner
Tuesday2.30 - 3.30Beginner FrenchA22A


Spanish - Spanish: information and booking form

Monday1.30 - 2.30Beginner SpanishA22A
Tuesday10.30 - 11.30Advanced SpanishA22A
Tuesday1.30 - 2.30Beginner/ Intermediate SpanishA22A



German - German: information and booking form

Wednesday12.30 - 1.30Beginners GermanBrinkman
Wednesday1.30 - 2.30Beginners/ Intermediate GermanBrinkman
Wednesday2.30 - 3.30Advanced GermanBrinkman