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Dr Francesca Bugliani Knox

Dr Francesca Bugliani Knox Research Associate
Telephone: 020 7795 4263


Francesca graduated in 1976 from Pisa University (Dott. Lett.) and was senior lecturer in the English Department of the Università IULM, Milan, from 1986 to 2002. In 2009 she was awarded a PhD by Heythrop College, University of London, where she is now Research Associate. As well as this, she is a Teaching Fellow at UCL. Her publications include translations into Italian as well as several books and articles on various aspects of English and Italian literature from the Renaissance to the present. Since early on her research interest has been the relationship between literature and Christian spirituality.

At present she is editing a collection of essays on Mgr Ronald Knox for PIMS and writing John Donne’s Itinerary for Open Book Publishers Cambridge. At Heythrop, Francesca is the convenor for the Power of the Word series under the Heythrop Institute.

Further contact details

Department of Italian, University College London, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT
UCL telephone: 020 7679 7784

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Other information

Francesca has set up an international research network for the study of the interconnections between poetry, philosophy, theology and the creative arts. As part of this project, entitled the Power of the Word, supported by Heythrop Research grants, Francesca has organized four international conferences, two in the UK, one in Poland and one in Italy. These conferences have been successful and the discussions have resulted in the publication of three volumes with Ashgate UK – the fourth is being prepared. See here for details.


1966–1971. Secondary School for Classical Languages and Literature (Liceo Classico Emanuele Repetti), Carrara (MS), Italy.

1971–1976. M.A. in European literature with special reference to English literature and language (Laurea in lingue e letterature moderne a indirizzo europeo). University of Pisa, Faculty of Art and Humanities.

1983. Qualification to teach English language and literature in secondary schools at A level.

1983. Qualification to teach German language and literature in secondary schools at A level.

1984–1985. Qualification as cultural attaché in Italian Cultural Institutes abroad. Italian Ministry of Education.

1986. Qualification as tenured university lecturer.

2002–2008. PhD. Heythrop College, specialist college for Philosophy and Theology of the University of London.


1976–1982. Teacher of Religious Studies at the Liceo Classico (Massa).

1982–1985. Teacher of English and German in the Istituto Magistrale (Massa).

1986–1989. Tenured university lecturer in English literature at the University of Milan (IULM).

1989–2003. Senior lecturer and then Acting Professor of English literature at the University of Milan (IULM).

1997–1999. Visiting Fellow at the Institute of English Studies (Senate House, University of London).

2003– 2009. Teacher of Italian at Harrow School, London (A level).

July 2009–    Appointment as Visiting Research Fellow and then Research Associate at Heythrop College, University of London

Jan 2010–    Appointment as Teaching Fellow in the School of European Languages, Cultures and Society at UCL.



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Edited volumes

Ronald Knox: a Man for all Seasons. Toronto: PIMS (Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies), 2016.

Poetry and Prayer. The Power of the Word II (edited with John Took). Farnham: Ashgate, 2015.

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Audio recording

‘Ignatian Spirituality and Jungian Spirituality’, London UK: The Guild of Pastoral Psychology, 2002