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Research students' theses and publications

The following is a list of recently completed research students' theses:

NameResearch Title

Nikolaos-Nikodemos Anagnostopoulos

The development of the Ecclesiology and the Political Theology of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church in response to Muslim Christian relations in the contemporary context of modern Greece and Turkey until 2014
John Barrett “Such A World of Books” Spiritual Reading in the Cambrai Treatises of Fr. Augustine Baker OSB
Rosalind Birtwistle Water Mixed with Wine: The Beliefs, Identity and Religious Experience of Christians in Inter-Faith Marriages
Antony Conlon 'What Ceremony Else?' A Commentary on England's Catholic Counter-Reformation
Anthony James Doe

The Emergence of a Psychologically Dynamic Christian Understanding of Self Identity Based on a Reflective dialogue between St. John of the Cross and Donald Winnicott

Balint Gabor 'The Semiotic Passion'- A Theological Response to Julia Kristeva's Construct of the Speaking being from the 'Theologia Crucis'
F. Kristian Girling The Chaldean Catholic Church: A study in modern history, ecclesiology and church-state relations (2003–2013)
Sahaya Gnanaselvam Antony Character strengths as mediators in a mindfulness based intervention for recovery from addictive behaviour: a study in psychology of religion and positive psychology
Edward Horton Does sceptical theism provide an adequate response to the evidential problem of evil?
Stefanie Hugh-Donovan Olivier Clément: French Thinker and Theologian of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Dialogue with Western Catholic Thought on Ecclesiology, Theology and the Identity of Europe
Miroslav Andrija Imbrisevic Carlos Nino's Consensual Theory of Punishment
Philip W.D. Ind Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, February 2003 – December 2012, and his Relation with Islam
Stephen Jones The Virtue of Gratitude According to St Thomas Aquinas
In-gun Kang, S.J. Buddhist-Christian Dialogue and Action in the Theravada Countries of Modern Asia: A Comparative Analysis of the Radical Orthopraxis of Bhikkhu Buddhadåsa and Aloysius Pieris
Walter King Accommodating Diversity: Burke's Republican Freedom (only abstract available – hard copy available in Library)

Joanne Lovesey

Religious Conversion A Philosophical Account
James Mather The Reclamation of Biblical Concepts: Prophecy & Sacrifice according to René Girard & Walter Brueggemann
Charlotte Naylor DavisIs It Faithful? A New Approach to the Criticism of Translations of Biblical Texts
Ariana Joyce Patey The Life and Thought of Charles de Foucauld: A Christian Eremitical Vocation to Islam and His Contribution to the Understanding of Muslim-Christian Relations within the Catholic Tradition
Sarah Pawlett Transcendence and Intersubjectivity: Sartre and Levinas
Stefan Damian Cornelius Reynolds Attitudes to the Body in Fourteenth-Century English Mystical Literature
Joseph Anthony Quigley The Art of the Possible – Seventy Years On - Theological Pragmatics of the Education Act, 1944
Volume One: A Case Study of Church – State Relations
Deborah Ross The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults and Liminal Experience: A Theological Anthropological Interpretation
Caroline Shepherd Towards a Discursive Model of Personal Faith and an Empirical Study of Conversational Achievement
Richard J. Sudworth The Church of England and Islam: contemporary Anglican Christian-Muslim relations and the politico-theological question, 1988-2012
Martine Emma Thompson G.K. Chesterton’s Concept of Holiness in Daily Life
Rocco Viviano sx The Theological-Ecclesiological Thought of Benedict XVI (2005-2013) on the Christian Engagement with the Religions in the Context of the Modern Papacy


Recent published work by Heythrop Research students:

Edgar Danielyan

On behalf of St Anselm, ​ Analysis (2015) 75 (3): 405-407