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Heythrop Journal

The Heythrop Journal was founded in 1960 by Dr Bruno Brinkman, S.J., then Prefect of Studies at Heythrop College. At that time, Heythrop College was not yet a College of the University of London. Among Bruno's aims in founding the Journal were those of encouraging the College's teachers to share their considerable scholarship with a wider community and to enhance the academic profile of the College in preparation for the university status to which it aspired. But Bruno's aims were deeper and far more expansive than that, for in accord with his own theological vision, he aimed to provide a forum for ecumenical and international dialogue among Christian philosophers and theologians. This was the ideal he pursued as first editor of the Journal (1960-1970). Subsequent editors (Robert Murray, Joe Munitiz, Tom Deidun, Michael Walsh, Pat Madigan) with the support of Heythrop College's editorial board have continued to pursue this ideal.

The Heythrop Journal, now a publication sponsored by Heythrop College, University of London, is an internationally acclaimed academic journal with a world-wide readership. Its contributors come from mainstream academic institutions in the UK, Europe, the USA, India and Africa and elsewhere. Its contributions are rigorously appraised by referees of the highest academic calibre. A special feature of The Heythrop Journal is its wide-ranging Book Review section (edited by Patrick Madigan), in which recent books relevant to the Journal's interests are reviewed by an international panel of experts. Each issue averages between 40 and 50 book reviews. Most leading publishers in the relevant areas of interest now routinely send books to The Heythrop Journal for review.

The Heythrop Journal publishes six issues per year and each issue typically includes six articles and some shorter pieces on current issues under the heading 'Notes and Comments'. A substantial number of the pages in each issue is devoted to reviews of recent publications. Each issue is now themed, such that all the articles and book reviews relate to that theme.  This makes for an interesting 'dialogue' and cross-pollination between the articles that stimulates, concentrates and speaks to the attention of the serious reader.

In accord with its original inspiration, the Journal welcomes articles reflecting any and every philosophical and theological stance, just so long as such articles pass the test of academic excellence. It particularly welcomes articles which combine philosophical and theological approches and stimulate interdisciplinary dialogue.

Prospective contributors should check how to submit an article and also important points of house style. Contributors should, if possible, always give their e-mail address.

Prospective contributors can be assured of a decision about publication within three months, and generally within a very much shorter period.

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