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Rev Andrzej Toczyski

Research Student

Department: Theology

The story of Rahab: Narrative-Critical Analysis of Joshua 2

One of the fundamental events in the conquest of Canaan was the capture of Jericho and the role of the prostitute Rahab in achieving this goal. The story of Rahab is not simply a historical chronicle which registers events as they unfold, but rather the transmission, in narrative form, of the theological message. The first and very basic objective of my study will be the investigation on the literary features of Josh 2,1-24 such as the elements of the plot development, the focalization in the text, character study or analysis of the communication process which might lead us to consider the eventuality of multiple interpretations. In my study, however, I would like to focus not only on the final text which has been transmitted to us in the Bible, but also on the process how this text has been received and sometimes re-interpreted down the centuries. Hence, Rahab’s story will be presented in the broader context of the communicative process which continually challenges readers throughout the centuries.