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The Bellarmine Institute

Welcome to the ecclesiastical faculties of Theology and Philosophy at Heythrop College, a constituent college of the University of London sponsored by the Society of Jesus in Kensington, in the centre of London. 

Together, these faculties are known as the “Bellarmine Institute” after the sixteenth century Jesuit theologian and cardinal, St Robert Bellarmine, to whom the College has been dedicated since 1926.

The ecclesiastical faculties were first established at Heythrop College when it was located in Oxfordshire countryside, on 24 November 1964. The faculties were re-activated by decree of the Congregation for Catholic Education on 17 September 2013, the feast day of St Robert Bellarmine.

The Bellarmine Institute exists 

  • to serve the Church and the common good by providing a full range of programmes in the first, second and third cycles leading to the award of baccalaureate, licentiate and doctorate degrees; 
  • to collaborate closely in the work of evangelization with the Hierarchy and with the local and the universal Church (SC3) and
  • to establish fruitful collaboration with other ecclesiastical faculties and with non-ecclesiastical faculties and centres of Theology and Philosophy.