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Heythrop 2017/18 and beyond

The College is now, with sadness, working towards closure shortly after the 2017/18 academic year.  We will be remaining on our current site until October 2018 but there is no plan for the move of any departments or a continuation of Heythrop College anywhere else. The future development of the Jesuit intellectual apostolate will be something different and will emerge out of discussions the British Province is having, to which we will contribute.

Current Students
For the coming academic year our focus will be to ensure that Heythrop’s high teaching standards are maintained and that you are given the best possible experience during your time with the College. See more on the Student Experience Commitment.

We are currently reviewing arrangements to support you after the closure of the College, including access to duplicate certificates and transcripts through the University of London.  More information on this will be available shortly.

Past and current students should be assured that your University of London award will retain its currency and significance after the College closes. For our alumni we are putting in place mechanisms to ensure you are able to apply for copies of your certificates and transcripts.  More information on this will be available shortly.

Our Work and Events
Over the course of the coming academic year, we will continue to connect with the wider community and to engage in high quality research, publication and work in the public square.  The College is planning a full programme of events for the coming year, including a major conference next summer, to celebrate Heythrop’s achievements and legacy. We will be providing further details on this in due course.  

Other events organised by our staff, Centres and Institutes for the coming academic year can be viewed here. For those interested in flexible and distance learning, the University of London International Programmes continues to offer Undergraduate level programmes in ‘ Divinity and Theology’ and ‘ Philosophy, Religion and Ethics’ with input from a variety Heythrop staff.